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About us:

The Crochetty Rose's story!

Everything has a beginning, so here's The Crochetty Rose's story! The parents world opens up a bunch of new horizons and adventures every day, so this new mom one day decided to make something handcrafted for her little boy. I came across with a crochet kit to do a dragon toy which I thought what I was looking for. I began my new adventure with little crochet knowledge and a big excitement to give the final product to my little one. I had to learn how to read crochet patterns, make stitches, magic rings.... and so on... just for a toy, but when I had this ugly dragon on my hands and gave it to my son I felt rewarded for his joyful face and the great excitement of him playing with it, how can I ever forget? I loved it. So this is how Crochetty Rose started. Nowadays I study crochet books, magazines, videos, patterns, etc so I can improve my handcraft skills hoping that one day one of my products can reach a home and make a child smile in the same way mine did. This is me...this is my story!

PD: Yes, the ugly dragon is the one on the header photo!