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About us:

The Crochetty Rose's story!

Everything has a beginning, so here's The Crochetty Rose's story! The parents world opens up a bunch of new horizons and adventures every day, so this new mom one day decided to make something handcrafted for her little boy. I came across with a crochet kit to do a dragon toy which I thought what I was looking for. I began my new adventure with little crochet knowledge and a big excitement to give the final product to my little one. I had to learn how to read crochet patterns, make stitches, magic rings.... and so on... just for a toy, but when I had this ugly dragon on my hands and gave it to my son, I felt so rewarded for my son’s joyful face playing with it that decided to continue with this adventure hoping that my products can reach other homes and make children smile in the same way mine did. Nowadays, my products not only reach new homes everyday but also travelled to New York City, USA to participate on the Fifth World Amigurumi Exhibition (2019-2021) as one of Canada’s amigurumi artists!

PD: Yes, this is the ugly dragon!